When you need to stop your vehicle quickly, you need to be able to count on your brakes. While your brakes may not be the most fun part of your vehicle to work on, they are definitely one of the most crucial. When you pay attention to the warning signs that you need brake service in Oklahoma City, it may actually mean the difference in life and death when you are on the road.

While there are some obvious indications that your brakes need to be serviced, for example, the brake light appearing in the dashboard, or your vehicle taking too long to stop, there are also some more subtle indications that you should be aware of. These signs and indications are highlighted here.

Check the Thickness

One way to determine whether or not you need a brake service is to check the thickness of your brake pads. To do this simply look between the spokes of the wheel in order to spot the metal rotor that is inside. On the outer edge is the metal caliper, and between the caliper and the rotor is the pad. Your pads should be about one quarter of an inch in thickness, if they are any thinner then you should seek service right away.

High Pitched Squealing

One of the most recognizable signs that your brakes need to be serviced is that they issue a high pitched squeal when you use them. When this sound becomes loud enough to hear when you have the windows up, it is definitely time to seek brake service in Oklahoma City from OK Wheel & Brake.

In addition to squealing sounds, you should also listen for a harsh type of grinding sound. This occurs when you have worn completely through the brake pad and basically rubbing metal on metal. Not only is this an ineffective way to stop your vehicle, there is also a good chance that you will damage perfectly fine rotors, which can be much more expensive.


If you notice a pulling sensation when you are turning or braking, it could be another indication that there is a problem with the braking system. This pulling may be due to a caliper that is stuck or a collapsed brake hose

The fact is that no matter what the problem is, if your brakes are compromised, your vehicle safety is compromised. Take time to visit OK Wheel & Brake for brake service in Oklahoma City and avoid serious or expensive repairs down the road.

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